Dear colleagues and friends with a major interest in ophthalmology, we would like to share with you, that we just opened the registration for the second workshop on “UPDATED CORNEAL SURGERY” and you are all welcomed to join us.

Both key speakers Eduardo Huguet Baudin from Spain and Frederic Goulle, from France are going to show and discuss Tips and tricks, advantages and disadvantages of conjunctival grafts and corneoscleral transposition, interesting use of bandage lenses and different biomaterial. All attendees will get hands on experience to repair corneal defect with corneal lenses, conjunctival grafts, corneoconjunctival transposition, biomaterials (for example porcine small intestinal submucosa, bovine pericardium, porcine urinary bladder matrix, amniotic membrane) and how to use surgical bandages and glues. The most important would be to know how to manipulate the biomaterials, to learn how to work on cornea and/or to improve repair technique under supervision of course masters.