Student membership shall be held by a student who is studying at a university of veterinary medicine within the territory of the European Union the academic diplomas of which university are automatically recognised in the EU Member States and who:

  • has been registered through the Society’s website by filling in the designated registration form, or has been registered in person at an event organized by the association
  • has presented his/her Transcript of Records or a valid and up-to-date student identity card (ISIC) certifying his/her status of a student of veterinary medicine
  • has paid a preferential membership fee (50% of the membership fee) to account:

    IBAN: PL02 1930 1695 2500 0579 8410 0003 Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A., ul. Grzybowska 81, 00-844 Warszawa, Poland

  • In case of the payment of the membership fee, also to renew your membership, please send the payment confirmation via e-mail, to help verify your current membership.

The duration of Student membership held by each student shall be limited to the respective duration of the student’s full time study. Student members shall be obliged to prove their student status by presenting to the Society’s Secretariat a certificate of their study issued by the Office of Education and Study Affairs of the respective Faculty or by presenting a valid and up-to-date student identity card (ISIC) certifying their status of a student of veterinary medicine.

In case of a failure to comply with above-mentioned the association shall be entitled to decide about the cessation of the given student’s membership without a right to reimbursement of the preferential membership fee.

Individual students shall have all the rights to partial exemption from the payment of fees for the attendance of the respective undertakings or events organized by the EESVO or those related to its activities.